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What Does Run of House Mean for Hotels


What Does Run of House Mean for Hotels?

When booking a hotel room, you may come across the term “run of house” (ROH) in the room type options. But what does it actually mean? Run of house refers to a type of room reservation where the hotel reserves the right to assign any available room to the guest upon arrival, rather than guaranteeing a specific room type.

Here’s everything you need to know about run of house reservations and how they work in hotels:

1. What is a run of house reservation?
A run of house reservation means that you are booking a room without specifying a particular room type or category. The hotel will assign any available room at the time of check-in.

2. Why do hotels offer run of house reservations?
Hotels offer run of house reservations to maximize their occupancy rates and flexibility in room allocation. It allows them to fill any empty rooms with guests who book this type of reservation.

3. Is run of house the same as a standard room?
No, run of house is different from a standard room. Standard rooms have a specific category and amenities, while run of house rooms can vary in terms of size, location, view, and amenities.

4. Can I request a specific room type with a run of house reservation?
Although run of house reservations don’t guarantee a specific room type, you can still request a preference at the time of booking. However, the hotel may or may not be able to accommodate the request.

5. Are run of house reservations cheaper?
Run of house reservations can be cheaper compared to booking a specific room type, as hotels often offer discounted rates for this category. It’s a good option for budget-conscious travelers who are flexible with their room preferences.

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6. When will I find out my room assignment with a run of house reservation?
You will find out your room assignment upon check-in at the hotel. The front desk will inform you of the room number and provide any necessary information about the room.

7. Can I upgrade my run of house reservation to a specific room type?
Depending on availability and hotel policy, you may have the option to upgrade your run of house reservation to a specific room type by paying an additional fee.

8. Are run of house rooms generally of lower quality?
Not necessarily. While run of house rooms may not have specific guarantees, they can still offer a comfortable stay with amenities similar to other room types. It’s best to check hotel reviews or contact the hotel directly for more information about the quality of run of house rooms.

9. Can I cancel or modify my run of house reservation?
Cancellation and modification policies vary among hotels. It’s important to check the terms and conditions at the time of booking to understand the hotel’s policy regarding run of house reservations.

10. How common are run of house reservations?
Run of house reservations are quite common, especially in busy hotels or during peak seasons when specific room types may be in high demand.

11. Can I earn loyalty points with a run of house reservation?
Yes, most hotels allow guests to earn loyalty points even with run of house reservations. However, it’s advisable to confirm this with the hotel or loyalty program directly.

In conclusion, run of house reservations offer flexibility and potential cost savings for guests who are open to any available room type. While it may not guarantee a specific room category, it can still provide a comfortable stay with the amenities and services associated with the hotel.

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