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How to Hide Cable Wires Outside of House


How to Hide Cable Wires Outside of House

Cable wires can be an eyesore when they are visible outside your house. Not only do they make your outdoor space look messy, but they can also pose a safety hazard. Fortunately, there are several ways to hide cable wires outside of your house, ensuring a clean and organized appearance. In this article, we will explore some effective methods to conceal those unsightly wires and answer some frequently asked questions about cable wire concealment.

Methods to Hide Cable Wires Outside of House:

1. Underground Conduit: One of the best ways to hide cable wires is by burying them underground using a conduit. This method ensures that the wires are completely concealed and protected from any potential damage.

2. Cable Raceway: A cable raceway is a plastic or metal channel that can be attached to the exterior walls of your house. It allows you to neatly route the cables and keeps them hidden from view.

3. Outdoor Cable Covers: Outdoor cable covers are specifically designed to protect and hide cables. These covers can be easily attached to walls, fences, or other surfaces, providing a clean and discreet look.

4. Landscaping: Utilizing your landscaping can be an effective way to hide cable wires. You can strategically plant shrubs, bushes, or use decorative rocks to camouflage the wires.

5. Exterior Wall Channels: Some houses have exterior wall channels specifically designed to hide cables. These channels can be opened, and the cables can be placed inside, ensuring a seamless appearance.

6. Paintable Conduit: If you have exposed cables on a wall, you can use paintable conduits to hide them. These conduits can be painted to match the color of your wall, making them virtually invisible.

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7. Outdoor Furniture Placement: Rearranging your outdoor furniture can provide clever hiding spots for cable wires. You can position tables, benches, or outdoor storage units strategically to cover the wires.

8. Gutter Channels: If the cables are running along the gutters, you can use gutter channels to hide them. These channels can be easily attached to the gutter system, keeping the wires out of sight.

9. Trellises or Pergolas: Installing trellises or pergolas can serve a dual purpose of adding aesthetic value to your outdoor space while providing a means to hide cable wires. The vines or plants growing on them can effectively conceal the wires.

10. Outdoor Outlet Boxes: If you have outdoor outlets, you can use outdoor outlet boxes that are designed to hide cable wires. These boxes can be installed over the outlets, keeping the cables neatly tucked away.

11. Use Existing Structures: Finally, you can take advantage of existing structures, such as fences, walls, or columns, to hide cable wires. You can secure the wires to these structures using clips or hooks, ensuring they are hidden from view.


1. Are there any safety concerns when hiding cable wires outside?

It is crucial to ensure that the cable wires are properly insulated and protected from weather elements to avoid any safety hazards.

2. Can I bury cable wires without using a conduit?

It is not recommended to bury cable wires directly without a conduit, as it increases the risk of damage and makes future maintenance difficult.

3. Can I hide cable wires in trees?

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No, hiding cable wires in trees is not recommended as it can cause damage to the trees and pose a safety risk.

4. How deep should I bury the conduit for underground cable wire concealment?

The conduit should be buried at least 18 inches deep to ensure sufficient protection for the cable wires.

5. Can I paint the outdoor cable covers?

Yes, most outdoor cable covers can be painted to match the color of your house or outdoor surfaces.

6. How do I ensure proper insulation of cable wires in outdoor outlet boxes?

You can use weatherproof cable connectors to ensure proper insulation and protection from moisture.

7. Can I use Wi-Fi extenders to eliminate the need for cable wires?

Wi-Fi extenders can help improve the range of your wireless network, but they do not eliminate the need for cable wires entirely.

8. Can I use electrical tape to hide cable wires?

Electrical tape is not designed for outdoor use and may deteriorate over time. It is best to use proper cable management solutions.

9. How do I secure the cable wires to existing structures?

You can use cable clips, hooks, or adhesive mounts to secure the wires to existing structures.

10. Can I hide cable wires in PVC pipes?

Yes, PVC pipes can be used as an alternative to conduits to hide cable wires. Make sure to choose the appropriate size and thickness for your cables.

11. Should I hire a professional for cable wire concealment?

If you are not confident in your DIY skills or if the task involves complex wiring, it is advisable to hire a professional to ensure a safe and effective cable wire concealment.

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In conclusion, hiding cable wires outside of your house is both achievable and essential for maintaining a clean and organized outdoor space. By utilizing various methods such as underground conduits, cable raceways, or outdoor cable covers, you can ensure that your cable wires are hidden from view while maintaining safety and functionality.