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How to Get Chip and Joanna to Do My House


How to Get Chip and Joanna to Do My House

If you are a fan of home improvement shows, chances are you have heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the dynamic duo behind the hit TV show “Fixer Upper.” Their impeccable design skills and ability to transform outdated houses into stunning homes have gained them a massive following. If you dream of having Chip and Joanna work their magic on your own house, here are some tips to make it a reality.

1. Understand the process: Before reaching out to Chip and Joanna, it’s important to understand their process. They primarily work in Waco, Texas, and their availability may vary depending on their current projects and commitments.

2. Be prepared: Before contacting them, make sure you have a clear vision of what you want for your home. Gather ideas, create a mood board, and compile a list of must-haves to present to them.

3. Research their style: Chip and Joanna have a distinct farmhouse style with modern touches. Familiarize yourself with their aesthetic to ensure your vision aligns with their design philosophy.

4. Reach out to their production company: Contact the production company behind “Fixer Upper,” Magnolia Network. They handle the selection process and can guide you on how to proceed.

5. Share your story: Chip and Joanna often choose homeowners with compelling stories. If you have an interesting background or a unique reason for wanting their help, be sure to share it in your initial contact.

6. Showcase your property: Include high-quality photos of your home’s exterior and interior in your application. Highlight any potential challenges or hidden gems that may pique their interest.

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7. Be patient: Chip and Joanna receive numerous requests, so be prepared for a potentially long waiting period. They carefully select projects that align with their vision and timelines.

8. Consider alternative options: If getting Chip and Joanna to personally work on your house is not feasible, explore other opportunities. They have multiple business ventures, such as Magnolia Home, where you can find products and design inspiration.

9. Hire local contractors: If you are unable to secure Chip and Joanna’s services, consider hiring local contractors who specialize in their style. They can help you achieve a similar look and feel.

10. DIY with a touch of Chip and Joanna: Embrace the DIY spirit and incorporate elements inspired by Chip and Joanna’s style into your home. From shiplap walls to reclaimed wood accents, there are plenty of ways to infuse their aesthetic into your space.

11. Be open to collaboration: Chip and Joanna often collaborate with other designers and contractors. If you are willing to work with their team, you may still have an opportunity to incorporate their input and expertise into your project.


1. How much do Chip and Joanna charge for their services?
Chip and Joanna’s fees vary depending on the scope of the project and their involvement. It’s best to reach out to their production company for specific details.

2. Do Chip and Joanna work outside of Waco, Texas?
While they primarily focus on projects in Waco, they have occasionally taken on projects outside the area. However, these opportunities may be limited.

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3. Can I apply to be on “Fixer Upper” even if I don’t own a house?
Yes, Chip and Joanna have worked with clients who were looking to renovate or buy a new home. Reach out to their production company to discuss your options.

4. How long does the renovation process take?
The duration of the renovation process varies depending on the scope of work, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to several months.

5. Can I keep the furniture and decor featured on the show?
The furniture and decor showcased on the show are typically staged for filming purposes. However, you can purchase similar items from Magnolia Home or other retailers.

6. Can I hire Chip and Joanna for a consultation?
Chip and Joanna currently do not offer individual consultations. However, they share design tips and inspiration on their various platforms.

7. Do I need to have a large budget to work with Chip and Joanna?
While Chip and Joanna have worked on high-end projects, they have also transformed houses on a more modest budget. It’s best to discuss your budget with their team during the selection process.

8. Can I apply for “Fixer Upper” if my house only needs minor renovations?
The show typically focuses on significant renovations and transformations. However, it’s worth reaching out to their production company to discuss your specific needs.

9. Can I hire Chip and Joanna to design just one room in my house?
Chip and Joanna’s involvement in individual room design projects is limited. They typically prefer to work on entire homes or larger-scale renovations.

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10. Can I meet Chip and Joanna in person?
Chip and Joanna have a busy schedule, but they occasionally make public appearances and host events. Stay updated on their social media channels for any opportunities to meet them.

11. Can I submit an application for someone else’s house?
Yes, you can submit an application on behalf of a friend or family member. Just make sure you have their consent and provide all the necessary information about the property.

While getting Chip and Joanna to personally work on your house may be a challenge, their influence and design expertise can still inspire your own home improvement projects. Whether you achieve their style through local contractors or DIY efforts, embracing their farmhouse aesthetic can create a beautiful and inviting space.